I have a court date

My ultimatum went down to the wire, and a little over. I was ready to throw the whole agreement away and sell the house immediately, evicting my still-wife. I would also clean out all the bank accounts. It sounds extreme, but when you own businesses and are in a divorce, you have a huge exposure. People don’t want to do business with you because the money might disappear in the divorce. The longer this goes on and the longer I can’t enter into new contracts, the more harm she causes. I wouldn’t feel bad at all spending all the money we’re supposed to share. If she wanted her half, she’s had over two and a half years to settle this thing.

But now I have a court date. The curious thing about this is that she thought getting rid of me would solve her problems of getting stuff done because I was holding her back. Apparently not.

I think she thinks that if she delays the court date, she can delay the clock on having to refinance the property. The longer she waits, the more the property value comes up and the more equity she has to show the bank. She had asked to amend the agreement to get more time, and I was fine with that if she’d trade something for the benefit she wanted. She didn’t want to trade anything.

There’s still a chance she’ll somehow screw this up and try to push it into next year. If we miss this court date, I’m not agreeing to the settlement.

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