I’m separated from my wife of 10 years, and there’s no going back. I tried everything I could, but that doesn’t matter. My friends are happy she’s gone, although I wished that we could work it out. My PTSD therapist (unethically, probably) told me on the side that I’m better off without her. I have lots of positive support and I’m normally a private person.

I did the stupid thing the night she left. I read things on the internet. Holy crap is all of that stuff depressing. Plenty of people are blogging about divorce, but it all reads like an inside joke by extremely sad or bitter people who’d rather vent than explore. Maybe I can do better.

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  1. I’m sorry to hear about your personal tragedy. Pray that you may find the strength to put this behind you.

  2. stillstrange

    I follow your blog every day because you are doing it. Getting through. It’s only been two weeks since the announcement that he doesn’t love me anymore. Today, I move out. My choice not to keep the house. You made a comment (I can’t find it) in one of your posts that usually it is the woman that wants the separation/divorce. Where did you find that statistic? It’s definitely not true in my case. We have the same situation with animals. He wants visitation with the dog. Ugh. Don’t know how to work this. I don’t want visitation with him.

    • I don’t recall that comment, although I did say something about there not being good support for men in the divorce literature. I don’t know who asks for divorce more.

      I’m sorry for your situation. I know this isn’t good.

  3. I am so sorry to hear about your divorce, but love the approach you have taken here. Thank you also for following my blog–hope to see you pop in and comment!

  4. I love your blog.
    I have to say that venting can be really good. It clears our head from the stuffiness or clogged up feelings. A nice support group (positive friends who are encouraging and care!) is even better. Without them I couldn’t do it.
    Looking forward to catching up with your posts and reading the new ones!

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